Request a Second Opinion Appointment for Neurologic Conditions

If you or a loved one received a neurological diagnosis you may feel anxious and overwhelmed. At the Lehigh Valley Fleming Neuroscience Institute, our team understands. Our team of board-certified neurologists will work with you to review your diagnosis, medical records, and treatment options. Many of our neurologists have fellowship training in neurological specialties, giving them a high level of skill and knowledge in the field.

We'll meet with you to:

  • Confirm a diagnosis
  • Explore all treatment options, including treatments or procedures that may not be widely available
  • Discuss what treatment or care plan is the best fit for you
  • Ensure you're confident in the approach and expertise of your care team

After completing the form below, a team member will call you to setup an appointment with one of our specialists.

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Second Opinion Questionnaire

As a reminder, second opinion appointments are only for those who are not current patients of these practices. If you are a current patient and you have any questions about your care, including your diagnosis or treatment option, your care team will be happy to discuss them with you.

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